Spotify Branding is the Next Big Thing

Spotify Branding is the Next Big Thing

With the launch of Spotify’s IPO comes some major shifts to the companies business plan: Spotify branding for businesses. The new marketing analytics and advertising studio make Spotify an attractive brand channel for new and established brands alike. Now brands can combine the awesome social features of Spotify with advertising and analytics to access Spotify’s 40M users. Brands should seriously consider adding Spotify as a brand channel to their mobile marketing plan if they want to stay relevant.

Spotify Branding Tip 1-Create a brand playlist.

Step one of creating a Spotify brand channel: create a brand playlist. This is an authentic way of getting your brand persona out there. A Spotify playlist also offers great opportunities for inbound marketing. Youth apparel brand American Eagle Outfitters has an impressive following on Spotify because they curate playlists every month. The playlists always match the season and nod to popular culture, while also finding unique alternative artists. Then they link their Spotify to their website through the company blog, where they discuss new music trends and feature artists. Megabrand Starbucks has even integrated their Spotify playlist into their mobile app. Main tip: keep it editorial. Your customers wanna know your vibe!

Spotify Branding Tip 2-Collaborate with customers.

As a build-off of creating a playlist, brands can make collaborative playlists. Once the playlist is set to “make collaborative,” it will have a share code. Click on the visual code below the cover photos and click ‘share.’ From there, the playlist can be shared, enjoyed, and discussed with your customer base. This a great option for organizations that rely heavily on member participation, or brands that utilize word-of-mouth promotion. It’s a unique way to engage brand influencers, loyalists, and even staff! It’s also a great way to boost engagement and create brand interaction.

Spotify Branding Tip 3-Mix it up in Spotify Ad Studio.

This new feature from Spotify is still in beta testing, but the new service seems promising. The new Ad Studio allows companies to upload a script and image for a 15 or 30-second audio advertisement. They can target as specifically, or as narrowly as they want. The minimum campaign budget on Spotify is only $250, so the price seems reasonable considering how advanced the targeting option is. A Nielsen study found that audio advertisements increase ad recall over traditional display ads by up to 24%. Spotify designed the new advertising services for small and big brands alike, so check out the official ad guidelines from Spotify and join the beta test for Ad Studio.

Spotify Branding Tip-4-Sponsor a major playlist.

More established brands with large target audiences can sponsor a playlist on Spotify. The sponsorship option is ideal for brands that are looking to reach a very large audience quickly. Spotify’s various curated playlists have millions of followers that can be segmented to more relevant target audiences. With a sponsored playlist, companies get to put a logo on the playlist and they get the first ad slot of the session.


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