What is Life of the Brand

What is Life of the Brand

I have started this blog because I believe there are a lot of options out there as far as marketing goes; and the worst part is you are going to be sold on the benefits of it all. You have to remember business owners and operators are concentrating on issues of operations throughout the day, such as inventory control, employee productivity and everybody’s favorite — bills and payroll.

These salespeople concentrate on one thing: their product and getting you to buy it. This means figuring out your buttons, pushing them, talking around the cons and showing you how this will increase your sales. OK, maybe it will give you a bump or maybe it won’t. The question you should be asking yourself is not what will this do for me, but how does this work with everything else I am doing to optimize my overall marketing budget.

People today are trained to be very focused and very targeted. If there is anything we can agree on, it’s today’s audience and how they are becoming increasingly fractured. The problem with this is, unless you look at your budget as a whole and pay attention to every working piece, you could sign up for something that does not coincide with your other pieces of marketing. This could actually set you back as far as brand equity is concerned. It could even be as detrimental as using every marketing dollar towards growing your brand and turning prospects into customers.

This blog is going to be a sound board; ask me questions and I will give you an unbiased answer. I will give you the best answer I can. There are no guarantees in marketing; there is no science in marketing. However, I will do my best to help you avoid some of the marketing pitfalls out there that will blow up your marketing budget.

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Brian Wink

With an extensive background in advertising and the local market, Brian brings a solid blend of traditional marketing expertise and new media knowledge to create a tradigital mindset.

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