Digital Brand Ambassadors: Employees and Co-workers

Digital Brand Ambassadors: Employees and Co-workers

Your brand has all the digital brand ambassadors that it needs: employees. But, are you ignoring your in-house digital influencers?

“Word-of-Mouth” is king for customers.

Who do customers trust most? It’s an important question to ask when deciding on digital brand ambassadors. Before hiring an earnest-looking actor, consider looking in-house. According to Edelman Employee Engagement Survey (summarized here), employees are the most trusted source of information about operational performance, business practices, and treatment of employees and customers. Their opinions on brands are much more influential than other types of marketing. According to Cisco, employee posts get eight times more engagement than posts from official brand channels. The research shows that employees WOM is lucrative. Also, with new story features on social media, employees can help tell your brand’s story every day while at work.

Employees have reach.

Most businesses struggle to build organic reach, but digital brand ambassadors can create reach. Luckily, employees can be a major help in that department. According to Pew Research Center, the average American has 200 Facebook friends and 61 Twitter followers. There are probably several employees on staff with significantly larger followings as well. The reach of your employee’s social media profiles can extend the reach of brand channels if employees are part of the social marketing strategy.

There’s never enough content.

Anyone who has worked in digital marketing knows the digital space has an insatiable appetite for content. Your marketing department, whether its one employee or twenty, is fighting a losing battle against the content monster. They can never feed it enough. So, why not deputize other employees to create brand content on their own social media channels? As noted by Social Media Examiner, there are digital tools for employees to share their own content to the brand’s various channels. This can help your marketing team add content quickly and efficiently.

Brands need a talent pipeline.

While employees are great for customer branding, they are most influential when it comes to employer branding. Strong employer branding is how companies recruit new hires and build their talent pipeline. Great people in your organization will leave, and you’ll need to fill their spot with fresh talent and expertise. If you have a strong talent pipeline, you won’t ever have to scramble for new hires because there will be new people that are interested in your brand. For example, a summer intern can be a brilliant digital brand ambassador by creating great social posts about her work experience with a brand. Then, if she has to leave and be replaced by a new intern, the people in her social circles saw all the content she created. In her social media following, you have a sourced candidate pool. Plus, they’ve already seen your positive employer branding.

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