How To Use Instagram for Small Business

How To Use Instagram for Small Business

It’s hard to know how to use Instagram for small business, but small businesses and brands can make a splash with Instagram stories if they follow these six tips.

How To Use Instagram for Small Business-1. Make a free business account.

If your business has a regular Instagram account, it’s easy to convert to a business account. Or, if you’re business isn’t on IG yet, set up an account as a business profile. With a free business profile, marketers get access to Instagram Insights. With Insights, businesses can view performance metrics for traditional posts, stories, and advertisements they’ve created. They also have the option to purchase IG advertising through their business account.

How To Use Instagram for Small Business-2. Make a location tag.

If your business doesn’t yet have a location for users on Facebook and IG to tag themselves, you’ll want to create one. Creating a location can only be done on the Facebook mobile app, so it’s easiest to create a location through your personal Facebook account using these instructions. The location tags provide an awesome opportunity for branding on the Instagram story feature. Not only can you tag your location on your Story updates, but your customers and employees can also tag themselves at your business too. With location tags, Instagram is becoming the new Yelp. Users can click on the location tag for your business on any Story, then find more information about your business and see other social updates from you and your customers.

How To Use Instagram for Small Business, instagram stories, location tags

This is an example screenshot of how Instagram stories work with the location tag feature of Facebook.

How To Use Instagram for Small Business-3. Tell your story.

The Story feature of Instagram is about telling the whole story of your brand, while posts are more about the highlights. In a piece for Ad Week, blogger Pius Boachie of Digimatic noted: “Stories have proven the value of real, uncut content in the eyes of audiences, so documenting your journey with Stories make your brand approachable.” IG stories are a way to show your followers how your sauce is made. Because of the virtual intimacy, it creates, and it’s capacity to show authenticity, IG Stories are a great way to build brand loyalty, or to recruit members to your organization. There’s no right or wrong way to tell your story, just do it.

How To Use Instagram for Small Business-4. Encourage engagement.

A great way to encourage engagement on Instagram is through creating polls for your followers to take. It’s also a more fun way to get feedback from your customers. You can add CTAs to your IG Story updates with overlay text. The more graphic appeal your text overlay has, the more likely your customers are to follow your CTA.

How To Use Instagram for Small Business-5. Have a visual brand.

Brands on Instagram should strive for visual consistency. Whether it’s a common filter, style of post, or other visual element, companies need visual branding. Ideally, a customer should be able to view a brand’s story and identify the brand without looking for the handle in the top left.

How To Use Instagram for Small Business- 6. Utilize employees.

With location tags and hashtags in mind, asking employees to create social posts is a great idea. When they post stories of them at work, they give their social networks an inside look into an organization. Employees are natural brand ambassadors, so utilize them. Their posts could inspire interest in new employees, or even recruit new members to an organization. You don’t need to force participation, but there are fun ways to encourage it. Have an employee contest for most social posts or reward creativity. Instagram Stories are about capturing the human, everyday side of a brand-which is why brands should include employees on social posts.


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