Are you a new school digital marketer? Take our quiz.

Are you a new school digital marketer? Take our quiz.

Are you a new school digital marketer? Are you keeping up with the ever-evolving marketing world? Listen, even the digital gurus have a hard time keeping up with all the changes going on in the digital space. And the lexicon of anyone who works in marketing is overflowing with three-letter acronyms. “Oh, how’s our ABC doing? Should we up our DEF to increase reach?” Digital marketers of today have to wear many different hats: editor, artists, copywriter, and (sort of) computer coder. Luckily, we have a quiz to help you determine if you’re marketing skills are fit for 2018.

What kind of digital marketer are you? Take our quiz.

Interpret your results.

Now that you’ve taken the quiz, you need to find out what type of digital marketer you are. Old school, or new school, your marketing game always has room for improvement.

If you scored less than 3, you’re an old-school digital marketer.

If this is you, don’t panic. You don’t need a computer science degree or to be a “wiz kid” in order to be effective at digital marketing. The Life of the Brand podcast was created to help regular marketing professionals keep up with all the newest trends in branding, including digital. It’s OK to embrace being a student in digital marketing. Research, ask colleagues or hire some help.

If you scored 3, you’re on your way to mastering the new school.

You already have everything it takes to become a guru. The rest is a matter of seeking out knowledge and taking on new challenges. There’s only so much a digital marketer can learn from reading about marketing. The best way to learn is to just try it out. None of today’s best digital marketers started as experts. So start a blog, make a YouTube series, start doing tutorials on Google and Facebook Blueprint. It’s OK if your efforts flop, digital empires aren’t built overnight.

If you scored 4 or 5, you’re definitely a new school digital marketer.

You definitely know what’s up. But, don’t get comfortable. If you start resting on your laurels now, the new digital sharks will eat you. Haha, just kidding. But really, it’s good to keep up. Digital marketers can’t ever stop learning new tricks. Follow Life of The Brand to stay up with all the latest trends and tricks.

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