Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock

Ah, the local coffee shop. Many of life’s best moments take place over a warm brew at a local shop. Whether it’s a great first date, a warm chat with an old friend, or even just writing a great essay, coffee shops are where the magic happens. While we all have our favorite coffee shops in Lubbock already, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more worth trying.

1. Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock-Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock, gold stripe coffee

A relatively new player to the Lubbock coffee shop scene, Gold Stripe Coffee is not just a shop, they have a considerable amount of merchandise. Image courtesy of @courierbar (Gold Stripe Coffee).Gold Stripe Coffee roasters actually began as a mobile espresso bar known as Courier Coffee, but now it has a permanent shop in the Cactus Alley area of Lubbock. The company’s founders are truly passionate about coffee, Perfect Daily Grind said “with Gold Stripe still being a newer roaster and coffee house, all the emphasis is on the coffee.”

2. Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock-J&B Coffee

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock, tech terrace, j&b, J&b coffee, texas tech

Located in Tech Terrace, J&B Coffee is where you’ll see many Texas Tech students and faculty doing homework and hanging out. Image courtesy of Lubbock Restaurant Guide.

If you live within ten minutes of Texas Tech or if you are a student there, you probably already know about J&B. Either you check-in on Facebook there daily or your Facebook newsfeed is showing you how often your friends go.  J&B is the ultimate college coffee shop. Everyone knows everyone, and the place is always buzzing with excited students and friendly locals. Located on 26th Street and Boston, J&B is walkable from campus. It’s ideal for college life because there are power outlets everywhere. The coffee company also holds lots of student-focused events and regularly participates in the LBK community. J&B is one of the few coffee shops where you’ll witness first dates, cram sessions and club meetings occur all at once.

3. Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock-Sugar Brown’s Coffee

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock, sugar brown's, lubbock high school, texas tech university, coffee shops

Most every Lubbockite doesn’t leave the 806 before taking a picture at Sugar Brown’s famous “MADE IN LBK” wall. Image courtesy of Lubbock Restaurant Guide.

As a friendly rival of J&B, Sugar Brown’s has been known to compete in barista competitions with J&B. That being said, Sugar Brown’s holds its own on the coffee scene. They have great coffee, and their inside space is beautiful. Similar to Joe’s Coffee in Austin with the “I love you so much,” wall, Sugar Brown’s MADE IN LBK mural makes it a city landmark. Not known for a great place to study, Sugar Brown’s is ideal for catching up with friends or taking your romantic interest out.

4. Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock-Yellow House Coffee

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock, yellow house coffee

Yellow House Coffee is an iconic Lubbock business and college hangout spot. Its unique building makes it impossible to miss. Image courtesy of Yellow House Coffee.

Yellow House is beloved by Texas Tech students for its remarkable quiet and tranquility. Also, it is probably more gourmet than most student homework spots. They won’t serve your drink in a paper cup unless you ask. This is the perfect place to get some cramming in or write your life’s novel.

5. Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock-The Coffee ShopTop 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock, the coffee shop, downtown lubbock

The Coffee Shop recently made its mark in Downtown Lubbock with their gourmet coffee and tasty pastries. Image courtesy of The Coffee Shop.Located in the historic Pioneer Building in Downtown Lubbock a.k.a historic Hotel Lubbock, The Coffee Shop is quickly earning a reputation for being a staple, despite being relatively new. From the owners of Lubbock’s revered The West Table, The Coffee Shop also focuses on high-quality ingredients and its West Texas roots. The Coffee Shop is one of the many businesses included in the Lubbock downtown re-development project.

6. Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock-Studio 19 Coffee

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock, studio 19 coffee, studio 19 recording,

Studio 19 is a recording studio, art gallery and coffee shop located at 2138 19th St. Image courtesy of Lubbock Restaurant Guide.

The new Studio 19 coffee bar was recently featured by Visit Lubbock because it’s so unique. There’s a professional recording studio on the first floor, but then on the second floor, there’s an art gallery and coffee bar. Studio 19 is perfect for when you’re feeling artsy.

7. Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock-The Choc’late Mousse Pie Bar

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock, pie bar lubbock,

Lubbock-famous The Choc’late Mousse Pie Bar recently relocated to 6620 Milwaukee Avenue. Image Courtesy of the Pie Bar Lubbock Facebook.

Everyone knows Pie Bar, but as a date spot. The dessert and coffee shop’s old location in Kingsgate was super romantic and full of lovebirds but could be intimidating for some. Their new location on Milwaukee has a clean, modern vibe and is perfect for hanging out with anyone, romantic interest or not. Pie Bar is rightfully known for dessert, but they have some great coffee drinks with which to pair them. Pie Bar is perfect for when you want to treat yo’ self.

8. Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock-Peet’s Coffee at Market Street (19th and Quaker

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock, peet's coffe, market street, 19th street, Lubbock

There is a Peet’s Coffee adjacent to this dining area at the Market Street on 19th Street and Quaker Avenue. Image courtesy of CIP Retail.

The Peet’s Coffee inside market Street is all business. Because Market Street is open 24/7, it’s a favorite study spot for red raiders that have to pull an all-nighter. The coffee drinks at Peet’s coffee will satisfy the caffeine needs of any sleep-deprived student.

9.Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock-Honors Residence Hall Starbucks

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock, honors dorm, honors hall, starbucks

The new Texas Tech University Honors Hall, located near the Rawls College of Business Administration, has a full-service Starbucks for residents. Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Did you know that Texas Tech students can use their meal plan at Starbucks now?! The Starbucks inside the Honors Hall has become the new go-to hangout study spot for campus residents.

10. Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock- Tea2Go

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Lubbock, Tea2Go, Lubbock

Tea2Go is one of the best coffee shops in Lubbock, although it’s technically tea. They have a location on 105th Street and Quaker, in addition to several others. Image courtesy of Tea2Go-Lubbock Facebook page.

As a Lubbock staple, Tea2Go is the place for when you just need a quick pick me up. It’s more of a pit-stop than a hangout spot. Busy Lubbockites cherish Tea2Go for their large cup sizes, fabulous tea flavors, and quick service.


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