Deliver Engagement, Not Content

Deliver Engagement, Not Content

All of us surf the different social media platforms looking for that nugget of info that is going to give us our “Aha” moment. The thing about surfing these platforms is that you start seeing the same general content. People today are pushing content delivery, inbound marketing practices and other strategies harder than ever before. Trust me when I say this: This is not an anti-content post.

Here is my opinion: It is time to stop focusing so much on delivering massive amounts of content and focus on delivering the right amount of engagement with your followers or customers. As a brand, we sometimes get focused on developing so much content because that is what marketers are talking about right now. The development of content allows us to look more knowledgeable and blanket the internet with more content. The more content you put out there, the more likely you are to be found on search engines.

This is an example of how the internet is desensitizing our nature. Businesses of the past were built on the relationships between the business and consumer. Today, businesses are pumping out the content. Consumers are researching blogs, articles and websites dedicated to what they are looking for.

As a marketer, our job is to make businesses stand out from the crowd and create top of mind awareness. The new generation of marketers are taking the easy route, writing lots of content to show off how smart you are. The marketers that have been in marketing for a while (the older guys) understand that you have to create a reason for a consumer to choose your brand. Your brand has to reach out and build a personal connection between the business and consumer.

Yes, we need, and should create, content. The difference is, do not just create content to show off how much you know. Build content that makes your followers or consumers want to react or want to build a relationship with you. One thing I have to regularly tell marketers and business owners is to stop talking to your customers and start talking with your customers. Take the time to create correct personas or a solid understanding of who your primary and secondary customers are. Start building content that creates opportunities for your followers and consumers to relate to, and build an understanding of who your brand is, not what your brand is.

Content developers need to slow down and start thinking and learning that it is not about the quantity of content, but about the quality of content that matters. I agree with aspects of inbound methodology and believe that it does work. I also have been in the business long enough to remember what it was like to have to sit down and conceptually develop ways to create conversations with targeted consumers and drive actual customer interaction. The days of having to go into a store in order to purchase goods or services are dwindling. Now, you can go online and order whatever you need, even things you don’t need.

What I am trying to get across is that we need to create and develop content and build as much internet presence as possible. The landscape has shifted. The internet is becoming the way of business. Build content that uses the verbiage your primary demographic uses in every day conversation. Talk about issues that are important to your targeted demographic. Pay attention to the trends that will influence the needs of your target audience. If you manage your brand’s social media posting rights, then get in and engage with your followers. Don’t be afraid to actually talk with your followers and create a meaningful relationship.

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