How To Be Relevant With Mobile Marketing

How To Be Relevant With Mobile Marketing

The world has quickly moved towards mobile. A report from comScore shows that 4 out of 5 potential customers now shop on their smartphones. And time spent on digital media in the U.S. has officially eclipsed the use of desktop devices so any company that continues to “experiment” with mobile, tweaking the style, and learning how to integrate it into the brand, but neglecting substance, will end up falling behind and being the outsider looking in.

You have the chance to change your direction right now, making yourself more relevant. How you may ask, by using mobile strategically you can stay relevant with your customers. That’s how your company progresses from being one of the players in your market to being the leader in the market.

Strategic Positioning, For The Win

Advertising only fails for two reasons: either you have the right message in the wrong place or you have the wrong message in the right place. Put yourself in the right place, at the right time. That’s the first step to winning over prospects.

Whether your branding leaps out through a smartphone, stares back at your ideal customer through a TV screen, talks to them through the dashboard on the radio, and/or even fights for their eyes on billboards, your would-be buyers should experience your brand naturally, as part of their everyday lifestyle. Obvious, right? It’s not to those marketers with limited knowledge of mobile, who throw together an app “just because,” or make their corporate website “mobile friendly” with the hope that new leads will flock to it.

So, how do you tame the mobile beast?

Know your target demographics habits

Do your buyers tend to watch instructional videos or consume case studies? Are they typically solo decision-makers or decision makers by committee? Knowing such things and, with the support of targeted advertising, you can create personalized mobile content journeys that appeal to first tier demographics.

Being active with your brand

With the access to the world at our finger tips (literally), there is no reason you should not have a presence on certain industry forums that are commonly accessed via mobile apps or a LinkedIn Group that discusses problems and solutions involved with your industry. However, this is where you make the difference. Make sure you’re active.

Being there is one thing, being engaged and active sets the tone that you are a leader in the industry. Whether it means more time, money or human resources, you need to “walk the walk.”

Track your involvement and analyze it

By looking at the platforms your mobile visitors are engaged with and determining which actions lead directly to greater conversions and ROI, you’ll see where your time, effort and involvement matters most.

When your prospects pick up their mobile devices, you should be a familiar face in their frequently visited platforms of choice. Not just with your brand, but awesome content just waiting for their attention. That is where the beginning of learning more about your brand takes place.

Your audience is using mobile as a learning tool. So give them what they’re looking for.

Don’t just be there, be there to help

Don’t just be visible; be helpful. There are a million things waiting to distract your mobile audience. To be useful, put on your thinking cap and consider what it’ll really take to become indispensable to them. Solve a pressing problem. Are you making it easier for them to use your services or buy your products? Is it by slimming down a three-step process to a one-step process? Step back and evaluate your brand. Are you finding ways to make it an easier experience for your customers to learn, purchase and review your company? Or, are you forgetting that they can get this somewhere else where the process and attention to detail may be less cumbersome? Be helpful and be a solution for your customers. Don’t make the customer be a solution to your company.

Use mobile effectively

Mobile marketing is an effective conduit for intuitive, highly targeted messaging and it can support as much, or as little, of the customer lifecycle as you need it to. But sometimes, mobile isn’t all about mobile.

It can just as well be about getting your customers from point A to point B.

Especially in a B2B context involving multiple products and buying cycles, staying relevant with mobile marketing means going beyond mobile and extending your presence and usefulness to all media. The critical questions are:

  • Does your mobile experience seamlessly extend past the mobile device, meaning, will the customer who engages with your brand through a desktop still feel the same experience as they did on the mobile device?
  • Does your mobile strategy support, rather than interrupt, a fluid and responsive flow of content?
  • Does your mobile strategy encourage engagement from the user? In other words, how are you creating the opportunity to interact with your potential customer?

If you can answer those questions with a definitive “yes” and if your mobile strategy supports a truly personal experience with your brand, then your mobile strategy isn’t based on misdirection. It’s grounded in reality. Congratulations! You have created a mobile marketing strategy that will get results.

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