How can social media help you?

How can social media help you?

By Matt Smith

Social media is an important tool in any digital marketing campaign. It allows for personal 24-hour communication between your brand and your audience. But how important is your social media presence to your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign? Brands have wondered for a long time if social media has a positive effect on your SEO rank. Here’s what you can do to improve your SEO through social media.

Get Followers

If you want to use social media as an SEO tool, then you have to get relevant and meaningful followers. The more followers you get means the more interaction and engagement you will get. Pages and profiles with a lot of followers and interactions are more likely to appear towards the front of not only the social media search bar, but search engines as well.

Have an Active Profile

Social media profiles can be searched for in a search engine the same way websites can. In order have your profile found, your profile needs to be active. While this won’t affect your website’s SEO rank, your social media profile offers another way for you to be found. Therefore, it should not be ignored. For your profile to rank on a search engine, it needs to be actively updated and see engagement. Your profile will only show up if the search engine sees the profile as useful and relevant.

Social Media Searches

Search engines are not the only tools to get information anymore. Often times people get news and updates from their social media sources. You can get your brand seen by posting industry knowledge and useful information that people want to read and learn about. Doing this will not only get you more followers and engagements, but it will help a social media channel recognize your profile as active and relevant.


All social media profiles are important in your digital advertising strategy. Google+ is arguably the most important social media platform to boost your SEO rank. Google usually separates social media profiles from websites in a search, but it will allow you to integrate your Google+ account with your website. Again, your Google+ account needs to be active in order for Google recognize your profile as relevant. Read more about how Google+ can boost your SEO rank.


While social media does not directly influence your website’s SEO rank, with the exception of Google+, it does allow for another way for your brand to be seen. However, simply having profiles is not enough. In order for your brand to be seen, you have to be active on your social media profiles. Active profiles breed more followers which gives your brand the publicity it needs.


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