Facebook Definitely Has Recorded Videos of You

Facebook Definitely Has Recorded Videos of You

Facebook says “F*&K Your Privacy”

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As if things couldn’t have got any worse for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook with Cambridge Analytica, now it has been rumored that Facebook has been keeping recorded videos of you that you never published. And to make matters worse, Facebook is being coy and “investigating” why this is happening. Clearly, they have been doing some covert stuff. Are they selling our data to the government, or has the government funded the entire thing from the start. The biggest conspiracy theory (outside of 9/11) of the last couple decades may result in potential legal battles and job loss.

This story came to light recently when a Select/All writer’s sister was looking through her downloaded data from her Facebook page and noticed there were a lot of videos that she had never published. They were videos of her playing a scale on the flute; some had errors, so she never posted them. This begs the question of, is it just uploaded videos or have they recorded us without our knowledge outside of using the platform?

Does Delete actually mean delete?

We all know that once something is published to the internet, it lives on forever. But in the case of Facebook videos people had never agreed to the publishing of that content, so in theory, it should have never been found on the internet or in their data, right? I have not taken the time to read through Facebook’s privacy policy nor hired a lawyer to do so either. So ask yourself, is this legal? We drive through intersections with cameras, we enter stores with cameras, we know we are being recorded. But we never imagined we would be recorded or find that the recordings we thought were discarded be found on the internet. Nonetheless in the hands of a “stranger”.


With the #metoo movement and now the Facebook scandal we can talk about the word “consent.” If it is considered illegal to kiss, grope or make comments towards someone of the opposite sex in a sexual nature without that person’s consent, by default Facebook keeping recorded videos of us without our consent is illegal, right?

Read Facebook’s data policy.

Wha do you think?