Fox News Set to Launch Streaming Service “Fox Nation”

Fox News Set to Launch Streaming Service “Fox Nation”

It appears Fox News is planning to unleash Fox Nation, a new subscription service that is a stand alone product not requiring a cable or satellite company subscription.

Fox Nation Logo

The new streaming service will offer unique programming outside of its 24-hr news channel due to contract obligations.

Fox believes that their viewer’s loyalty lies with the network and not with the tv personalities on their programming. With the failures of Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly’s subscription based networks they started once they left (or were terminated @Bill) Fox News, the door has now opened for Fox Nation to make additional money outside of their contracts with cable and satellite company’s and potentially bring back Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly.  But will the people who ironically oppose net-neutrality migrate over to Fox Nation?

The median Fox News viewer is 65 years old, according to Nielsen, but the network points to its website traffic and heavy presence on Facebook and other social media platforms as evidence that a web-only service can appeal to its audience.

So far no other news channel has tapped into the subscription based service that Fox Nation will be offering. Fox believes that launching this will allow for them to give their users what they want, more relevant content to their thoughts and ideas.

The cost of the service has yet to be announced. Most believe it will cost less than $10 a month.

Fox News may be launching Fox Nation to attract cord cutters and younger demographics, which Fox News denies.

My question is whether this jump will lead to news channels like CNN and MSNBC adding a subscription based streaming service online. The loyalty Fox News so proudly touts may not be enough to entice users to actually pay for Fox Nation to get original programming that will more than likely echoe the programming the 24-hr news network.