How to Go for the Gold

How to Go for the Gold

By Kathryn Durkin

The Olympic Games are back this summer and your brand can also be a gold medalist. Olympians put a lot of effort, commitment and dedication into their particular sport, and these three characteristics are also things needed to enhance a brand. Going for the gold in the branding world means communicating your brand effectively to the desired audience. It’s the strategy you use to convey those messages, and the channels in which you use to visually and verbally connect. Consistent and strategic branding makes for a strong brand and enhances the value of your company. A gold medalist brand is one who has built a powerful brand equity; one who can charge more for its product because people are willing to pay the price. Here are characteristics of a brand who qualifies for the Olympics in the business world.

Creating User-Generated Content

Customer-to-customer dialogue is often times more effective than when a brand talks about itself. Eighty percent of all web content is made up of user-generated content, and millennials spend an average of 5.4 hours consuming user-generated content a day. All a brand has to do is equip people with tools and messages via social media to create this content.

Hashtagging is Key

Hashtags allow you to develop your content reach, target your market audience and generally strengthen your brand. A brand hashtag is and should be something that is unique to your business, as well as define your product or service. A hashtag essentially markets your brand for you. Another way to properly use a hashtag is to implement one during a campaign. When your brand is running a particular campaign or contest, developing a marketing campaign hashtag will help you to directly interact with your customers and also promote your brand. This even makes it easier for you to respond to people interacting with the brand.

Stay True to Your Brand

Make a brand promise and keep it. Customers cling to consistency, so no matter what happens, being true to your brands promise and values will make your business far more successful. Knowing exactly what type of brand you are and never trying to be anything more is the most important thing you can do in a business.

These three things are just a few qualities that make up a successful brand. It is important to listen to your market audience, create a hashtag on social media that will reach many people as well as generate talk outside of social media and be consistent with your brand. Always remembering that the brand is bigger than any marketing effort and is what will remain once the marketing campaign is over. To go for the gold means to always keep in mind that the brand is the ultimate deciding factor as to if someone will become a loyal customer. The marketing effort may convince someone to buy the product, but the brand will determine if one will be a customer for the rest of their life.

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