Life of the Brand: What is a Millennial?

Life of the Brand: What is a Millennial?

What is a millennial?

Traditionally, “Millennial” can be defined as a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. Vague, right? Millennials, unfortunately, get “typecast” in the job market these days. As a millennial, I believe that WE can do anything we want. We aren’t just social media strategists, or YouTube specialists or any other sort of digital or social guru. Just because we were brought up in a digital age we don’t have to conform to jobs that cater to that. We can still be authors, astronauts, ballerinas or superheroes. Don’t feel like you need to force the proverbial square peg into a round hole. There are plenty of jobs and as more millennials (the people with all the buying power) start to take over the hiring power, it will create a more seamless transition for entry-level millennials. But do we all believe that we are terminally unique? The reality is that we are all the same but what we do with that normalcy is what makes us unique. There is hope for our generation yet. Don’t give up on yourself or your career aspirations. Hit the grind and don’t f**k up! JK, everyone makes mistakes but learn from those mistakes and your journey will be fruitful.

How does a millennial navigate the business world in the digital age? Well to find out, we talk with Christiana Yebra about her entrepreneurship, the Dallas Millennial Club, and millennials within the digital world. Watch on as Tyler McKnight and Steven Pence conduct another classic interview.

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