Stop Producing :30 TV Spot

Stop Producing :30 TV Spot

Stop Producing :30 TV Spot

Let’s go to the doctor and tell him just one of our symptoms. Let him prescribe medication, for that one symptom, and hope it works on all of our symptoms. That’s crazy, right? Well, why would you do that with your advertising?

Too many times I hear people say, “we can just use your TV spot as pre-roll or Facebook ads.” Your TV commercial is meant to play on television in a traditional setting. Digital is a completely different mindset and environment. With the analytics that are used to create and target your digital strategy, your ads should be more targeted. The digital landscape is a much more targeted approach, use it to your advantage and design a strategy with creative that is specifically targeted. TV ads should be somewhat more generic because you really can’t break down the TV audience as specific as you could with a digital strategy. For example, let’s say you own a company that sells to nurses. Only nurses need it and would understand the product. So, you call your TV rep and ask them for a strategy that will only deliver TV ads to nurses. Now, call your digital agency and tell them the same thing. One will be able to provide you results; the other will start selling you the benefit of everyone in the market being able to see the message.

Each advertising platform has its pros and cons. Nobody can hit everybody all the time, which is why you need a cross platform strategy. People will view the content in different mindsets, which means you need to be able to create content that attracts their attention in their setting. If they are researching a product, service, or industry online, be specific as to what you do and what sets you apart. If they are watching a TV program in the hopes of being entertained… entertain them while getting your point across.

When thinking how or what to produce a video element for TV or the web, do yourself a favor, don’t try to out-think your target. People are smart; they do not want you to advertise to them. They want you to engage with them, they want you to educate them, they want you to be attentive to their needs, and most importantly, they want you to respect them.

So in closing, do not try to save money by running both platforms off one production piece. Plan for it when you are shooting your commercial or when you are strategizing your concept. A little extra shot and edit time will make a world of difference when it comes time to review your analytics for your campaigns.

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Brian Wink

With an extensive background in advertising and the local market, Brian brings a solid blend of traditional marketing expertise and new media knowledge to create a tradigital mindset.

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